launchPad: the base website design module to which all other modules are bolted

Pad Website Design: launchPad

Base website design module to which all other modules are bolted

Pad Website Design specialise in delivering high quality web content at a competitive price to maximise the online impact of your business. Through the understanding of your business and by listening to your exact requirements, Pad Website Design will provide an online marketing solution that compliment other areas of your marketing portfolio.

If existing branding and marketing elements are already in place, Pad Website Design pay specific attention to these areas to ensure that the new website design links seamlessly with your existing brand identity. If you are a new company that does not yet have branding or you are looking to rebrand, Pad Website Design can also help with this.

Our websites consist of a core website design - or launchPad - that forms the basis of the completed site and to which additional modules of functionality can be bolted. A typical launchPad website functions as a simple online brochure and consists of a set of web pages with a contact form allowing visitors to contact you directly from the website.

Website templates are initially designed using industry standard design software Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Once the template has been approved by the client, the template design is transposed into a W3C compliant XHTML code template set which can then be tested for ease of navigation and overall functionality.

To complete the website, high impact written content is combined with a carefully selected portfolio of images to create pages that are tidy, organised and appealing to visitors.

Once the launchPad phase of the site is complete, further functionality can be added by selecting additional modules such as newsPad which provides a client editable "What's new" section or mailPad - an email marketing facility which allows visitors to your website to subscribe to a mailing list which clients then use to send out targeted email marketing campaigns.

For online selling capability, the shoppingPad module takes the core launchPad design and bolts on a sophisticated, fully featured e-commerce package which can be fully controlled and administered by the client.

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