mailPad: cloud-based email marketing software with a convenient, user-friendly web-interface

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Cloud-based email marketing software with a convenient, user-friendly web-interface

MailPad email marketing software offers everything you need to create and send successful email marketing campaigns. Deliver targeted emails, manage your subscribers and track your campaign results, all from within your browser!

Visitors to your website subscribe to your mailing list via a simple form or, if you have a mailing list elsewhere - in a spreadsheet for example, contacts are easily added to your mailPad mailing list via a built-in file import facility. Subscribers may be grouped into separate mailing lists within your account according to specific areas of interest.

Each mailPad account comes preconfigured for your business and includes a newsletter template that will be designed and themed to your requirements - usually matching your website. Additional templates may be purchased allowing you to send a different themed newsletter to different groups of subscribers. Content (including both text and images) for your newsletter is added via a user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web interface.

When your newsletter has been sent to your mailing list subscribers, comprehensive reporting tools show who opened, clicked and forwarded your newsletter down to each individual subscriber. Bounced emails and unsubscribe requests are automatically handled by mailPad to ensure that your newsletter campaign performs efficiently whilst complying with anti-spam regulations.

Costs for a mailPad account start at £120.00 including 1 newsletter template. Ongoing costs for newsletter campaigns are highly affordable at £5.00 per campaign plus 1p per recipient on the mailing list. A newsletter mailed to 50 subscribers would therefore cost you £5.00 + 50p = £5.50 - significantly cheaper than snail mailing!!

For further information or to setup your new mailPad account, please contact Pad Website Design.

Existing mailPad users may login to their accounts here



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