rankPad: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services and Google AdWords campaign management

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services and Google AdWords campaign management

SEO and Google Adwords marketing are essentially processes of employing specific, focussed techniques in an attempt to position a website as highly as possible in search engine rankings so as to increase relevant website traffic.

Notice the term "in an attempt"...

Any company that "guarantees the top spot on Google" is not being very honest or is privy to information that no-one outside the echelons of the Google Development Office have access to. The process used by Google to rank pages is a closely guarded secret and constantly evolving. Pad website Design have many years experience in designing websites that fare well in search engine positioning but even so, we will never guarantee a top spot. What we DO guarantee is that we will use all our knowledge and expertise to provide a quality website and dynamic search engine marketing campaign that will provide the best possible chance for a high ranking.

All Pad website designs are equipped with a basic level of SEO functionality allowing them to be listed on search engines effectively. All necessary meta tag information is added to each page, internal links created and a sitemap uploaded. This however, does not guarantee a high ranking position in Google. High ranking on Google requires a much more targeted, labour intensive strategy (and a degree of good fortune) which is proportional to the level of existing competition already present on the web.

For example, a website with a basic level of SEO advertising the only hotel in a village called Padville will rank highly for someone who searches for "hotel in Padville". If we scale the search up to look for a "hotel in London", the website would be in a phenomenally competitive market and basic SEO techniques would not be sufficient to maximise the chance of a high search engine position.

The rankPad module concentrates on performance analytics, traffic acquisition and conversion optimisation (i.e. getting the right people to a website then getting them to do something once they get there - then measuring and testing to tune the process).

All projects have different requirements so packages are tailored for each individual client according to specific needs. However, all projects begin using the same initial performance analysis.

We set up and configure a series of analytics packages and look at SEO, conversion optimisation, user experience and engagement and then make recommendations to clients about the best way to invest their budget to achieve their goals.

Every project is different - Adwords is great for some and completely inappropriate for others. Some websites have low traffic but high conversion, others have the opposite. Sometimes it's all about copywriting, sometimes SEO, sometimes its social media marketing, other times it is design/layout and other times user experience. Often it's a little bit of everything!

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